We will need to incorporate energy sources that allow the planet to survive.  Nice is committed to educating communities to cope in the face of economic adversity.  NICEco.org supports a paradigm shift which requires both individual and community development that supports individual self-responsibility and leadership.  That leadership is both internal and external. Nice is committed to empowering others to take action for the highest good. This extends beyond philosophical enlightenment – we foster sovereignty.

This paradigm shift beckons us to revisit knowledge from ancient wisdom. Remember the successful civilizations of old? As with the rise and fall of each, there are remarkable advanced automations that foster increased standard of living... and lessons from which to learn.

There is nothing new under the sun…

NICE is a non-profit organization committed to education and stewardship.  There are skills we can all learn and practice that will enable us to transition to more sustainable way of life. We must show compassion for others to facilitate this learning.  Service based education makes this knowledge available to those willing to learn regardless of economic disadvantage. We must transcend the socioeconomic dogmas and political agendas of the past in order to see the benefit of moving forward and embracing more expansive life view that puts more peace in each community by providing needed resources through our network of strategic partners, custom plans and aid in implementation. Each community will be aided in ensuring continued success by diligent monitoring of results and provided expertise when a course correction is needed.

A Progressive New Approach

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, NICEco is committed to education and stewardship through its mission of preparing others in the necessary skills that place value on ecologically sound practices based on the integration of both ancient and new knowledge. It is time for a paradigm shift...

NICEco.org is Dedicated to Community Enlightenment